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Img.588 from Tapanui (#6)

Img.588 (#6) A photograph which shows a small fragment of an object that looks like a melted car gearbox.
It was found on a paddock of flat plains of Waikaka, i.e. only around 20 km north-west from the Tapanui crater. At the time of photographing it, the object was on a display in museum from the city of Invercargill. The surface of grassland where this object was found is flat, just covered with soil and grass and deprived any stones or large mineral deposits. Thus, the presence of such a single object on the surface of ground in that area is difficult to explain as a natural occurrence. Unfortunately I needed to make this photograph through a glass of display window, thus only the above (rather small) fragment of it come out relatively well visible. The entire object is larger, and the shape of it suggests a technological origin which was later distorted by action of heat from a powerful explosion.

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