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Img.583 from Tapanui (#4)

Abb.583 (#4) Myself (Dr Jan Pajak) sitting on a trunk of huge totara tree that was blown down by a powerful blast from the Tapanui explosion. The photograph taken in 1988.
This tree originally was buried in the ground. But water of the Black Gully Creek washed it out from the sandy bank, exposing the direction in which it points (it points directly towards the centre of explosion, i.e. towards the Tapanui Crater). From the sandy banks of the Black Gully Creek many such partially burried trees were sticking out in times when in 1987 and 1988 I intensively researched the Tapanui explosion. Note from the description that the age of this tree is such that the wood remembered times when Jesus walked on Earth. Several years after taking the above photograph, all trees of hardwood totara were removed from the sandy bank of the "Black Gully Creek" and used for turning various useful objects. Thus at present this trees do NOT exists there any more.

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