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Img.582 from Tapanui (#3b)

Img.581 (#3b) A cutout carried out by a "cigar" of seven K6-type UFO vehicles to show the mutual seating of successive UFO vehicles one on top of the other, and the magnetic cooperation of their propulsors. Visible are the cubical twin-chamber capsules contained inside the spherical propulsors of each vehicle, and the faces of the vertical sections of the annular crew cabins. Walls made of material impenetrable to magnetic fields (i.e., "magnetoreflective" material) are encircled by a dashed line. Designations: N, S - the orientation of the north N and south S magnetic poles of the individual thrusters, GS - the thickness of the complementary flange, which is equal to the free space existing between the individual side flanges of this complex (thanks to this equality of the GS flange and GS space, a number of cigar-shaped flying complexes can then be coupled by side flanges into larger flying configurations called "flying systems". - see Figures F12 and F17 in [1/4]). The principle by which such vehicles fly is illustrated and discussed on separate web pages Magnocraft - on the construction and operation of the magnocraft, and Propulsion - on the magnetic propulsion of spacecraft.

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