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Img.580 from Stawczyk (#J2a)

Abb.580 (#J2a) In June 1994, I had the pleasure of visiting a "snake temple" on the island of Penang, Malaysia. At that time I also talked with its staff learning many interesting things - some of which are repeated in #J2. of this page Stawczyk. The above photo I snapped already after leaving the temple to commemorate the appearance of its main entrance gate - unfortunately something prevented me from correctly cropping the photo being taken before I pressed the shutter, while I already ran out of time to repeat the photo. The reader can also see how this entrance looks like from its images on Google

While visiting the above "temple of snakes" I also took some photos of what's inside. And yes, in its rooms by the walls are arranged several shrubs in pots. In turn, their branches are covered with snakes. These snakes are specially prepared (i.e. saturated, while their venom teeth removed) so that they do NOT endanger too inquisitive visitors - who come too close to them. This is because on some of them the snakes camouflage themselves so well that one almost needs to put his/her head into the bush in order to spot them - e.g. click on the following "photo 2" for checking whether the snakes sitting on this bush you manage to distinguish from the background and surroundings (and believe me, several snakes are sitting on this bush):

Of course, like any temple, this one also has a main room for praying see Abb.699, wo ich mitten drin für ein Foto posiere:
Since it is a snake temple, the snakes can also be seen everywhere - see for example Abb.697 und Abb.698

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