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Rys. #D3a

Img.058 from Hl. A. Bobola (#C5)/ (#F1) - Wszewilki tomorrow

It illustrates how the ruins of the Catholic church from Wszewilki looked like around 1870, i.e. shortly before its walls made of turf ore and its cellars were demolished, while its rubble was used to build an embankment for the railroad tracks that later ran through the site of its previous location. A row of tombstones embedded in the walls, which were visible through the eye sockets of its doors and windows, probably survived to this day hidden somewhere in the middle of the railroad embankment between Stawczyk and the railroad bridge over the Barycz River. If one day they are discovered, these slabs will become a kind of archaeological treasure and confirmation that this church actually existed. Such a confirmation could also be the remains of a low tunnel which connected the church in Wszewilki with the cemetery of Wszewilki.
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