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Img.579 from Stawczyk (#H2)

Img.579 (#H2) Old post-German map of Milicz and Stawczyk area - courtesy "Miliczanin-1931". (Click on this map to see it enlarged or to shift it to another area of the screen.) Because it is so old, along the lines of its folds cracks were formed which on the above scan are visible as two dark crossing lines. Hence, when viewing this map these two straight dark lines should be ignored as if they were not there at all. On this map one can clearly see the village presently called "Wszewilki" while in times of drawing this map it was called "Ziegelscheune" in German. In turn, if one enlarges this map, then on the extension of the main road through "Wszewilki" (i.e. the road through "Ziegelscheune") towards the east, one can see a slightly blurred inscription "Neu-Steffitz" - which name represents the German name for the present "Stawczyk". Interestingly, on the above map every house of the former Stawczyk is marked, including houses which today do NOT exist anymore because they were burned down shortly after the war.

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