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Img.577 from Soul proof (#E4a)

Img.578 from Soul proof (#E4b)

Sequence (#E4ab): Img.577/ Img.578 Examples when the "soul" that reigns over the body has given these bodies the supernatural ability to open bloodlessly and painlessly to receive gruesome-looking sharp objects driven into them. Once these objects are removed, the bodies immediately heal without leaving any wound or scar. The above photos were taken in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, during the Indian festival of "Thaipusam." Participants in this festival pierce their bodies because they have previously promised to do so if the powerful god of Hinduism called "Murugan" gives them some supernatural favor they have asked him for. (Photographs of the god Murugan I presented, among others, on Img.516/ Img.632 (#B1ab) from the web page Immortality, and also on Img.476 (#1) from the web page Parasitism.) For example, if someone in their family is very sick, or these followers of Hinduism want to achieve some normally unattainable goals, then they ask the god Murugan for supernatural help. In return, they promise that if they receive this help they will repay the god by such and such piercing their bodies during the "Thaipusam" festival. In turn, if the god Murugan fulfills these requests, these devotees of Hinduism then pay back the debt incurred to the god by carrying out what examples we see documented in the above pictures. For this purpose, they firstly put themselves into a kind of trance, during which their bodies are taken over by the "soul" of this god Murugan - as described in item #F5. of this web page Soul proof. Then, already under the trance, their bodies are painlessly pierced with various scary looking sharp objects - visible on the above photographs. Then, dancing to the rhythm of fast beats of drums, these devotees make about half a kilometer long "pilgrimage" all the way to the "abode" of this god Murugan inside the cave called "Batu Cave". There these sharp objects are taken out of their bodies, leaving no trace, while their trance is cancelled. After awakening from the trance, these devotees do NOT remember anything from the "pilgrimage" they went on - after all, their bodies were taken over by the soul of the god Murugan.

Today's atheistic medicine, in spite of its boasts, still is NOT able to cause such a bloodless and painless opening of the human body to accept the sharp tools driven into it. This medicine is also NOT able to cause such an instantaneous and scarless healing of the previously opened body. This in turn means that this medicine stubbornly follows a completely wrong path. After all, it insists on recognizing only the physical component of living organisms, ignoring the existence of these two other, much more important components which I describe in item #C1. of this web page Soul proof. Meanwhile, if in addition to the "body" our medicine finally started to recognize also the existence of the "soul" and "spirit", and thoroughly researched how these superior components of humans manage the "body", then medicine would also learn how to give bodies all these supernatural abilities described in items #E7. and #E7.1. of this web page Soul proof.

Abb.577 (#E4a) An example of a young Indian boy who, in exchange for some supernatural favor given to him by the god Murugan, promised to pierce both his cheeks with this spade-thick pick. The photo was taken when, dancing to the beat of drums, this boy, with the skewer stuck in his cheeks, was heading towards the abode of the god Murugan in a Kuala-Lumpur yakiskini called "Batu Cave."

Abb.578 (#E4b) An example of huge sharp hooks knocked into the back of a Hindu devotee during the "Thaipusam" festival. Notice the taut ropes attached to these hooks which are used to slow down a bit the speed of this devotee rushing to the abode of the god Murugan.

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