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Img.575 from Soul proof (#E3a)

Img.576 from Soul proof (#E3b)

Sequence (#E3ab): Img.575/ Abb.576 Two photos (Img.575/ Img.576) documenting the supernatural ability of the human body to "walk on fire" given to it by the "soul" in control of that body. These photos capture the "walking on fire" by followers of the Chinese religion called "Daoism" while celebrating the festival of the so-called "Nine Gods" at a Daoist temple from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Notice that the surface of the "fiery sidewalk" about 10 meters long, laid with burning coals, on which these Daoist worshippers are walking, seemingly looks dark in the above photo. However, in reality, when I watched it with my own eyes, then during that march, the same surface glowed like red-hot coals. As I believe, this apparent darkening of it was caused by the supernatural slowing down of the rate of passage of time in the burning coals, captured by the camera. After all, the heat that was beating from this "sidewalk" was so intense that, although I was protected from the heat by my clothes, I was still only briefly and only with the utmost difficulty able to approach this "sidewalk" for no closer than about two meters to take the above photographs. Then I had to run away from the beating heat. Meanwhile, dozens of followers of Daoism marched across the above sidewalk from the red-hot coals in their bare feet and often even without protective shirts. Their march came in small groups of two or three at a time - one after the other. None of them also showed the slightest burn or damage to their feet afterward.

Today's atheistic scientists are trying to find some physical explanation for this supernatural ability of bare human feet to walk on fire. But in spite of the fact that these scientists have at their disposal all these modern laboratories and huge funds for research, so far they have not found an explanation that would work in real life. After all, what the soul can do to the body, no atheistic scientist is able to repeat in even the most expensive laboratory. Therefore, if any of these scientists without proper spiritual preparation would put his bare foot on the above "sidewalk of fire", this foot would immediately be roasted. After all, real life is NOT at all what the atheistic fairy tales of today's official science describe it to be.

Img.575 (#E3a) Three followers of Daoism march with devout reverence on this sidewalk formed of red-hot coals.

Img.576 (#E3b) Two other worshippers are marching over the lit coals. You can see the flames that sometimes still burst upward from between these coals. The people with their hands folded in prayer in the background are the next worshippers waiting for their turn to march on the burning "sidewalk."

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