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Img.573 from Soul proof (#E2a)

Img.574 from Soul proof (#E2b)

Sequence (#E2ab): Img.573/ Abb.574 Two photographs of the aura surrounding the same woman, taken in quick succession from each other for two situations in which the woman around whom this aura was photographed drastically changed the object of her thoughts and the category of feelings she experienced about this object of her thoughts. Notice that both the shapes and colors of her aura are completely different for this woman than for the man shown in Img.571 (#E1ab).

Img.573 (#E2a) Specific thoughts and feelings cause the formation of auras with unique shades of green. (An explanation of what exactly these thoughts and feelings are would be an excellent topic for a separate website.)

Img.574 (#E2b) A different kind of thoughts and feelings changes the colors of the aura to shades of red.

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