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Img.571 from Soul proof (#E1a)

Img.572 from Soul proof (#E1b)

Sequence (#E1ab) Img.571/ Img.572 Two photos of the aura surrounding the same man. A similarly vivid and constantly changing its shape and colors aura is formed by practically every person and every living organism. In turn, the fact of existence of such auras in people and living organisms is one of numerous evidences for the existence of souls - see item #E5. of this web page Soul proof. Both above photographs were taken with a special kind of photo-camera the principle of operation of which, different from normal, allows to photograph auras (these cameras can be purchased since around 1980s, but they are relatively expensive and thus NOT everyone can afford them). Both the above photos (Img.571/ Img.572) were taken in a short interval of time one from the other. Two situations in which in the above man his aura was photographed were characterized by a drastically changed object of his thoughts and a changed category of feelings which he experienced about a given object of his thoughts.

Img.571 (#E1a) Specific thoughts and feelings cause the formation of auras with unique shades of blue color and their characteristic shape. Note that the appearance of the photographed person is NOT too accurately depicted in these photos. However, you need to remember that the camera which photographs auras was specially designed to capture the details of the aura, and not the details of the person who produces this aura.

Img.572 (#E1b) A different kind of thoughts and feelings changes the colors of the aura to shades of red.

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