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Img.553 Solar Energy (#L5)

Img.553 (#L5) Here is a photograph which the author of this page (i.e. Dr. Eng. Jan Pajak) took for himself in 1991 during his stay in the Swiss religious community called "Methernitha" famous in the entire world from the fact that it had then as many as three already constructed prototypes of the first on the Earth "generators of pure free energy" working on principles of "perpetual motion" demenstrated to numerous interested people under the names "Testatica" and "Thesta Distatica", while more extensively described, among others, on my web page named Free energy. While being a guest of the Methernitha community, the author of this page had the opportunity, among other things, to personally talk with the founder of this community, the late Paul Baumann, as well as to talk with many of its residents-participants and to observe the principles of their life and daily work.

As a mysterious curiosity about the above photograph, I suggest the reader answer the question: whether the camera with which the above photograph from the stay in Methernitha was "snapped", for example. leaned at the moment of opening the shutter causing the building of Methernitha shown on the photograph to look as if it was standing on the slope of a mountain in a way that would be impossible to build and stand on the surface of the earth, or rather in the meantime some "evil power" with enormous influence over the entire earth and with the ability to hack into computers guarded by any passwords and protections, what kind of power continually causes secret persecution of the life of the author of this page and scorn and degradation of practically his every action, this photo taken in 1991 skillfully and intentionally sabotaged e.g. in the computer storing it in a way that requires a great deal of knowledge, graphic skills, and expensive equipment, and thus impossible to be done, for example, by a 75-year-old retiree even in these days of frequent falsification of photographs with computer tools? Notice that this anti-human "power of evil" is fruitlessly attempted to be researched by the discipline of the "official atheistic science" called agnotology, and that the most painful for me results of my research of this power are summarized, among others, in item #A5 of my web page Totalizm.

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