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Img.552 from Solar Energy (#E1b)

Img.551 (#E1b) Here are the three "remotes" sold with both "smart" TVs I have purchased so far, viz: (1) - the highest on the photo because the farthest from the camera taking this photo remote control (model: AKB73756504) delivered to me together with the 42 inch "smart" TV of the Korean company LG (manufactured in Indonesia) which I purchased on 2013/11/16 and which TV served me until 2020/8/8 (i.e. worked for 6 years 8 months and 25 days) while which I described in item #C1. of this web page Smart TV; (2) - the middle remote control manufactured in Vietnam (model: BN59-01315D) which, for an additional charge of $39 with my wife in mind, I ordered as an alternative to the "ergonomic" remote control (3) supplied to me together with the Samsung TV described here; and (3) - the lowest in the photo because the closest to the camera with which I took this photo is the "ergonomic" remote control (model: BN59-01259E) supplied together with the 43-inch "smart" TV of the Korean company Samsung which I purchased on 2020/11/11 and described in item #E1 of this page. Most interestingly, all of these "remotes" practically have identical usability (i.e., each of them can be used to control all demanding functions of the "smart" TV they support). However, there is a huge difference in their "ergonomics," comprehensiveness and technical quality of design and manufacture, and consequently, both in the ability of people to learn how to use them and in the level of "friendliness to the user" (e.g., in the number of hands occupied in operating them, the need to look at them when you use them, the susceptibility of their buttons to jamming, the frequency of battery replacement, etc.).

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