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Img.551 from Solar Energy (#1)

Img.551 (#1) Here is the packaging of my "smart" TV, which exhibits all the features that, based on my experience and knowledge, I look for in a "smart" TV under consideration in my decision whether to purchase it. The above packaging is from the TV I actually purchased for myself on 2020/11/11. Notice that this TV was designed (and some of its components manufactured) in Korea - that is, in a country which I personally found out and empirically experienced during my professorship in 2007 at the Ajou University of Suwon, that the Korean government shows one of the greatest in the world (if not the greatest) concern for the well-being of its citizens, while its population shows one of the highest among the group of nations well known to me in the level of fulfillment of the divine commandment - I quote from the "Millennium Bible" (see there "Ev. w/ St. Mark", verse 12:31): "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." I personally recommend the reader to pay attention to what is going on in Korea, because soon the world will probably be surprised by it!

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