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Img.550 from Seismograph (#2)

Img.550 (#2) Two basic variations of typical luminous trajectories left on film at night by moving UFO vehicles. Such trajectories are captured on photographs snapped from still cameras at long exposure times. (Note that the trees visible in this photo have unblurred shapes, which proves that these luminous trajectories are actually reflections of UFO motion, and not, for example, camera movements). The above photo shows the luminous trajectories of two different UFO vehicles controlled in two different ways. The taller of the two UFOs was controlled manually by the pilot. Therefore, it smoothly circled several large circles, leaving behind a very smooth, gently curved luminous trajectory. In contrast, the lower UFO vehicle was piloted by an automatic pilot. Therefore, its movement is in a "stepped" manner, along several straight lines mutually connected at angles of almost 90 degrees. This lower "stepped" trajectory is very typical of UFO flights controlled by automatic pilots. It has been reported by countless viewers of these objects, and is also captured on many photographs. In this case, it confirms that the previous photograph, Img.549, actually captured such a luminous "jagged" trail left by a UFO vehicle controlled by an automatic pilot. This vehicle first waited lurking near the predicted trajectory of the Columbia shuttle, then flew up and attached itself from below to the flying shuttle in order to destroy it on purpose. (Note that during this waiting for the shuttle's overflight, the UFO vehicle left the characteristic outline of a discoidal UFO, perfectly visible on the photograph "Photo #1", visible at the very beginning of this zigzag trajectory.

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