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Img.055 (from Battle of Milicz - #I3)

Img.055 (#I3): An example of a situation created by war, in which all the people sucked into it have had their "free will" taken away by the war. (Click on this photo to see it enlarged.) This situation depicts a typical scene of the execution of Korean patriots by the occupying Japanese forces. I (i.e. Dr. Eng. Jan Pajak) photographed this scene after it was faithfully reconstructed in the "Independence Hall of Korea" located in Cheonan of South Korea. (In fact, the content of this scene has a connection with the descriptions of my life in Korea presented on a separate website called Korea.) The scene clearly illustrates how war takes away "free will" from the people sucked into it. For example, each of the Japanese soldiers carrying out this execution had to kill whomever was put under their barrels, and regardless of their faith in God or personal beliefs. (Some of those executed were women.) For if he had not killed, then he himself would have been shot under the pretext of refusing to obey an order. In contrast, almost every one of those executed confessed to the alleged "crimes" only because the Japanese received orders from their government as to how many Koreans must confess to crimes and then be executed. So in order to meet their assigned numbers, the Japanese used very "persuasive" methods to force "confessions," such as pulling out fingernails with forceps, burning with hot rods, overfilling with water and then jumping on the victim's stomach, ripping out genitals alive, etc., etc., etc., etc. With such "interrogation methods," almost everyone confessed to everything they were accused of.

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