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Img.549 from Shuttle Columbia (#1)

Img.549 (#1) UFOnauts caught in the act! Here is my artistic situation sketch that I made to describe in more detail the highly evidential photograph. This is because this photo managed to capture the preparations of a UFO vehicle to bring down the space shuttle Columbia. The most important fragment of the above sketch shows how the first UFO vehicle approaches the space shuttle Columbia. I have framed this fragment with a dotted line and marked it with the caption "Photo". It is this framed fragment that was captured on a photograph and then widely disseminated around the world in the form of a photograph.

On the Internet I found information that this immensely evidential photo was taken by an American amateur astronomer from San Francisco, Peter Goldie. This photo can be found on the internet relatively easily via search engines, after typing the keywords "lightning bolt", or some words from its description, e.g. "taken in San Francisco on February 1, 2003 during the Columbia Shuttle re-entry" or keywords referring to its dissemination by the TV program "Megalightning" (credit: David Monaghan Productions/HTV West). As the reader can verify for himself, this photo is not very different at all from the framed excerpt from my artist's sketch above. Almost the only thing drastically different about it is that the UFO's stepped trajectory and the Columbia shuttle's arrow-straight trajectory in the photo came out as luminous streaks against a black sky.

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