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Img.536 from Seismograph (#E2)

Img.536 (#E2) A spectacular replica from Taiwan of the instrument wrongly named the "Zhang Heng Seismograph". (Reproduced and hyperlinked by the kind permission from the Ministry of Education Computer Centre dated 3 Nov 2003, authorised by Yenchen Lin, Centre Engineer, yenjen@mail.moe.gov.tw.) This replica is on the exhibition in the famous "National Museum of Natural Science", in Tai Chung (Taiwan). In 2003 the above photograph could be found on the web site showing various exhibits from that museum, which has the internet address: content.edu.tw. Have a look at this web page, because it shows the details of the dragons' mouths with "pearls" in them. It also shows a technical drawing of the "inertial" mechanism that according to some scientists triggered the fall of these "pearls". (Please notice, that this web page disagree with such opinions and explains that this device did NOT work on principles of inertia.)

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