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Img.520 from Earthquake (#T1)/ (#K1) - Seismograph

Img.520 (#T1) An impressive-looking replica of the "houfeng didongy yi". It illustrates eloquently how beautiful the original of the instrument described here looked at the time when its builder was constantly cleaning and fine-tuning it. As you can see, this instrument was wonderfully refined in every possible way. Its operating principle still shocks today with its perfection. In turn, the beauty of the external appearance of its original prototype inspires awe even today. The above replica in 2003 was shown on a very interesting website www.kepu.com.cn (I suggest you take a look at this site).

The beauty of the original "houfeng didongy yi" revealed by the above replica draws our attention to a hugely important rule. Namely that "for some people the appearance and packaging is more important than the content". This rule unfortunately also applies to this website. This is because how this page is formulated and packaged is, for some, more important than its content, i.e. the knowledge to which it tries to draw our attention. So let's not count ourselves among such people either.

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