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Img.519 from Earthquake (#R2c)

Abb.519 Demolition of a section of the public garage at the "Reading" cinema in Wellington, NZ, located about 8 km in a southerly (S) direction from my apartment in Petone. I decided to snap a photo of the demolition of this garage by the "Reading" building on January 12, 2017 - as I also explain in the description of Photo Img.512 (#R2a), i.e. the highest of these three photos. This is because by the building "Reading" was located the stop of the city bus with which I was then commuting from Petone (where I live) to Wellington. Immediately after getting out of the bus there, my nose and eyes were irritated by the heavy cement dust which floated in the air there and limited the visibility to just a few hundred meters. This dust was as thick as that from sandstorms from the Chinese desert, which devastates the lungs of Koreans every year. Only that, as I still remember it from Korea, the authorities there urged citizens to wear masks. In contrast, no one in Wellington wore masks at the time (it was only the "covid-19" pandemic that reached Wellington around mid-2020 that forced the entire NZ to use masks). So Wellingtonians inhaled this cement (and perhaps asbestos) dust directly into their lungs. (Seeing this I suspected that perhaps quite a few people gained the beginnings of "pneumoconiosis" in Wellington at that time.)

I then remembered that on TV news the locals were already complaining about that dust caused by undertaking the demolition (damaged in the earthquake discussed here) of a multi-story concrete and steel garage, designed to be earthquake-proof, because it was part of an exclusive mall called "Wellington Central" (i.e. a mall with exclusive stores, eateries and cinemas of the "Reading" company). I have been to this mall only a few times, because the prices there were NOT for my pocket, while the services were mediocre. But since they were demolishing it, I still went to investigate why it was stirring up so much dust, and also decided to take a photo of the demolition - shown above. As my photo revealed, a swirling column of heavy dust was stirring up the demolition crane because (probably to save money) they neglected to hire a worker who would selectively, intelligently and continuously pour water over the demolition area.

My photo also showed that I was NOT the only one interested in this manifestation of "money" over people's health, because in the sky, in the upper right corner, the photo also showed a UFO vehicle watching the demolition, surrounded by a so-called "magnetic lens" that hides it from people's eyes.

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