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Img.516 from Earthquake

Abb.516 When I went again to the center of Wellington on January 12, 2017, immediately after leaving the bus my nose and eyes were irritated by a very strong dust, smelling like cement, which was floating there in the air so thickly that it limited visibility to only a few hundred meters. Because I remembered such dense dust from my professorship in Korea, where every year it is brought from sandstorms that originate somewhere over the nearby Chinese desert and which every year devastate lungs of Koreans, I decided to check what causes it and how people react to it. This is because I remembered from Korea that in order to protect people, the authorities there urged citizens to wear masks, so that when these waves of dust came, almost everyone on the streets there walked around wearing masks. However, as I noted, in Wellington no one was wearing masks at the time. So Wellingtonians inhaled this cement dust directly into their lungs (and perhaps also asbestos dust - after all, NZ used asbestos for a long time as a building material in a large proportion of its buildings - so probably there may even be victims of this dust "pneumoconiosis" in Wellington, only that, as usual, no one raises the alarm in this matter). This dust reminded me that on TV news Wellingtonians were already complaining about this dust caused by undertaking the demolition of the multi-story concrete and steel garage damaged in the earthquake discussed here, designed to be earthquake-proof because it is part of an exclusive "mall" called "Wellington Central" the demolition of which I showed here in Img.519 I went to see the demolition and by the way to photograph it. On the photograph taken then, Img.518 (#R2c) I recommend to pay attention to the dark disk of the UFO vehicle, the effects of the so-called "magnetic lens" which is supposed to hide it from the sight of people, cameras are able to capture - although naked human eyes do NOT notice them. This UFO is visible in the sky in the upper-right corner. Please note that the photograph of this UFO is one of the evidences of the secretive occupation and exploitation of the Earth by acrimonious enemies and at the same time relatives of humanity, having enormously advanced UFO technology, but in the moral sphere still practicing the rotten philosophy of parasitism (which is also practiced by the higher, ruling classes of humanity).

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