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Img.506 (from Propulsion (#6a)

Image sequence (#6abc): Img.506/ Img.359/ Img.507

Img.506 Magnetic personal propulsion system. It forms a structure that corresponds to the shape of the human silhouette. This circuit provides the principles for producing a suit of magnetic personal propulsion. People equipped with such a propulsion system will be able to fly in the air without using any visible vehicle. The system shown here consists of eight side propulsors (labeled U, V, W, X) mounted to the inside of a suitably constructed belt. These propulsors produce a lifting force (R) (from "repulsion"). In addition, the system also has two miniature main thrusters (labeled MR, ML) mounted in the soles of the right and left shoes. They produce stabilizing forces (A) (from "attraction forces"). The body (1) of the user of this propulsion system provides the "supporting skeleton" (or "frame") which binds these thrusters into one cooperative system but at the same time keeps them all at the required distance from each other. (Compare the personal propulsion system shown above operating in the "hanging" position, with the Magnocraft's propulsion system operating in the "standing" position and illustrated above in Img.361 (#4).

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