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Img.503 from Portfolio (#A6.3)

Img.503 Here is a computer-generated illustration comparing the size of a pair of 4-propulsor Magnocraft of the "V7" type with the size of London's Westminster Abbey. Similarly to the drawing of the 4-propulsor Magnocraft of the smaller "V4" type, shown as Img.368 under the descriptions of these starships from the web page named magnocraft.htm - click on this (green) link to see that V4-type starship, also the above drawing was prepared by my graphically gifted friend Dominik Myrcik. Magnocrafts of the "V" type will be built in three types, i.e. as V4, V7 and V10, mainly as telekinetic starships for carrying out instant interstellar travel (about the possibilities and principles of carrying out which instant telekinetic travel the official Earth science still does not have a clue because of the stubborn and already over 30-year-long rejection of my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity). Since my formal scientific proof, stating that "UFOs are already built Magnocrafts", maintains its validity and with respect to the starships of the "V" type shown above, the confirmation by my invention of the technical feasibility of building such Magnocrafts of the "V" type also means that telekinetic UFOs of the "V" types have probably also been operating above the Earth for a long time. To my satisfaction, in fact, in May 2017 I discovered a video which documented the telekinetic departure to the stars of a UFO of the above type V7 (in May and June 2017 this video could be viewed for yourself, e.g. at Youtube).

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