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Img.501 from Portfolio (#A6.1b-1)

Img.502 from Portfolio (#A6.1b-2)

Img.202 from Portfolio (#A6.1b-3)

Sequence (#A6.1b-1 bis #A6.1b-3): Img.501/ Img.502/ Img.202 Here are illustrations of the "product of action" of these UFOs, shown in the video discussed here, which the reader can find on YouTube by clicking on the link: REAL UFOS making CROP CIRCLES in Wiltshire, England. Unfortunately, the graphic quality of the documentation of these "products" is NOT of the highest quality - nevertheless, we should be glad that humanity managed to obtain this documentation at all, thanks to a favorable coincidence, and thanks to the persistence and dedication to the truth of the woman who filmed it. br>
Img.501 (#A6.1b-1) Captured "from a bird's eye view" the appearance of the "crop circle" on the making of which were caught UFOs captured on the video discussed here.

Img.502 (#A6.1b-2) Strangely behaving (albeit human-looking) UFOnauts carrying various research equipment, who early this morning were caught inspecting the "crop circle" described here a few hours earlier (i.e., the night just ended). After being caught, these UFOnauts simply fled quickly, while their entry into the UFO hidden behind a magnetic lens and hovering above the field, was documented by the direction of the gaze of the still remaining seated fourth of these UFOnauts.

Img.202 (#A6.1b-3) My own drawing attempting to illustrate one of each class of distinct so-called "magnetic circuits" (i.e. highly concentrated bundles of magnetic field force lines) that always connect the outlets of each UFO propulsor with the outlets of every other nearby UFO propulsor. This drawing shows only the most important of such objections, which appear in the case of magnetic coupling of two UFO "spherical complexes" into the most basic so-called "flying cluster." Meanwhile, the cluster that lined the "crop circle" discussed here was many times more complex than the cluster shown in this drawing of mine. No wonder that this complex cluster managed to form such a complex, illustrative and beautiful "crop circle" in the grain. If a team of present-day human scientists wanted to design and draw the individual phases of forming this very "crop circle", this team would have to be as large as today's NASA, while designing and drawing each phase of making such a crop circle would probably take them an equal amount of work and time as designing the sending of humans to Mars. Thus, this comparison of labor intensity illustrates how much more iteligent than people are the disposers of UFOs, and also justifies why UFOnauts can "entertain" themselves at the expense of human scientists and "deceive" them for already more than half a century, while human scientists still do NOT have a clue "what is going on". Furthermore, this comparison illustrates how much work and effort the superior intelligence disposing of UFOs is ready to put into it so that future inhabitants of Earth can laugh in a constructively motivating way at the ignorance, incompetence, vanity, egoism, privatism, and greed of today's scientists, politicians, decision-makers, and societies, while thanks to this laughing, so that future people can begin to draw constructive conclusions about what they themselves should avoid in their own attitudes, behaviors, and actions. A more extensive discussion of the above drawing the reader can find, among others, under Img.033 (G13) from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5], and in the caption under Img.130/ Img.202 (#C6ab) from my web page named UFO proof. In turn its computer animation is shown, amongst others, in item #D2.1. of my web page named Eco cars.

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