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Img.499 from Portfolio (#A6.1a-1)

Img.365 from Magnocraft (#A6.1a-2 - Portfolio)

Img.500 from Portfolio (#A6.1a-3)

Sequence (#A6.1a-1 bis #A6.1a-3):Img.499/ Img.365/ Img.500 Here are, among others, the stationary images which, in order to analyze them scientifically, were extracted from the video discussed in item #A6.1. from the website Portfolio documenting the making of the so-called "crop circle" by the entire squadron of UFO vehicles of types #K3 to #K7. To view this video, click on the following YouTube link: REAL UFOS making CROP CIRCLES in Wiltshire, England, then launch yourself by clicking on the version of this video you wish to view. Notice from the above images that the video in question has a rather low resolution (i.e. it was probably made with a cell phone), thus both the video itself, as well as the stationary images extracted from it and scientifically analyzed here, also show a rather low resolution. However, this is the reality of UFO researchers - that they have to research evidence that has been collected completely at random, and that the subjects of their research avoid cooperating with the researchers. (This is why today's well-paid professional scientists do NOT feel competent to do UFO research, and would rather lie and deny that UFOs exist than research them - after all, they have conveniently become accustomed to a situation where what they are researching is passive and does NOT defend or avoid their instruments, cameras, or experiments).

Abb.499 (#A6.1a-1) A static image of one of these 7 configurations of UFOs type K5, which were documented in the video discussed here when they participated in the multi-phase lining up in the grain of England of a huge and highly picturesque "crop circle", the static image of which I also analyzed is shown below in "Fig. #A6.1b(top)". This UFO is actually a magnetically coupled from two individual K5-type stargazers of the so-called "non-composite configuration", the appearance of which I illustrated above in the middle Img. (#A6.1a-1 (upper)) of the set of illustrations discussed here. It is worth explaining here that UFOs of K5 type have the following overall dimensions: diameter D=17.56 meters, height H=3.51 meters. They are powered by one centrally located main propulsor, and n=16 side propulsors. The centers of their n=16 side thrusters are mounted at equal distances from each other on the circumference of a circle of diameter d=12.41 meters. Each of them has 5 crew members. Their specialty is to create living and social conditions for traveling researchers (i.e., housing, hospitals, meeting and conferencing space, etc.). However, like any flying vehicle, they can be (and are) also used to perform any other tasks, such as lining "crop circles."

Img.365 (#A6.1a-2) Computer-generated illustration prepared by a friend of mine, and showing a so-called "non-composite configuration", uncontactedly coupled by magnetic forces from two K5-type discoidal stargazers - e.g., from two K5-type UFOs. (To illustrate its size, a large two-level house, a silhouette of a man and a passenger car are also shown nearby.) In this configuration, the two starplanes do NOT touch each other at all, while their contactless linking into one permanent whole is achieved due to the mutually repulsive alignment of both their main propulsors, and the mutually attracting overdrive of their "n=16" pairs of side propulsors arranged with their outlets facing each other and connected to each other by so-called "black beams" formed from the n=16 columns of powerful light-absorbing magnetic field connecting these outlets.

Img.500 (#A6.1a-3) Documented on the video in question is the appearance of a "non-composite configuration" magnetically coupled from two UFOs larger than K5 in size, the upper one of which is of type K7, while the lower one is of type K6. It was under the side propulsors of both of these larger-type UFOs that the remaining UFOs of types K3, K4 and K5 were suspended, which were used for the multiphase lining of the individual components of the "crop circle" discussed here. In other words, the rigid structure of these two UFOs of larger types, to which the remaining UFOs were magnetically suspended, allowed the lining of individual components of this crop circle with such perfect symmetry and dimensional precision. Because in the above illustration these two larger UFOs hovering under a clear, cloudless sky show cloud-like, blurry shapes, probably for safety and hiding from people during the making of the "crop circle" described here their crews intentionally surrounded them with water vapor that looks like a cloud - as I described and illustrated it on my web page cloud_ufo_pl.htm. After all, these two larger UFOs did NOT carry out the crop circle lining themselves, but only held in the required positions the smaller UFOs which carried out the lining.

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