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/Bemerkungen in dieser Farbe und zwischen zwei / stammen von der Betreiberin der deutschen Spiegelseite und Übersetzerin/
Copyright Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

Img.487 from Petone (#J4a)

Img.328 from Landslips (#D2)/ (#J4b - Petone)

Img.488 from Petone (#J4c)

Sequence #J4abc: Abb.487/ Abb.328/ Abb.488/ Three illustrations showing the appearance and principle of a heart-shaped UFO landing site

Img.487 My (i.e. Dr. Eng. Jan Pajak) photograph by the "heart" shaped (i.e. symbol of "love") UFO landing site of K3 type burnt on the lawn near the apartment which I occupied during my professorship on the tropical island of Borneo. It was during living and working in that apartment that I experienced and, as the first professional scientist of the world, thoroughly researched the miraculous phenomenon of "totaliztic nirvana" which I described on the web page nirvana.htm. This photo was snapped in September 1998. Notice that the shape and size of this landing site coincides with the shape and size of a UFO landing site also of K3 type, which about 13 years later I photographed in Petone and showed in the previous Abb.482 (#J3c). However, the actual meaning of "why" that UFO landing site had the shape of a "heart" (i.e. a symbol of "love") I deduced only when I got busy with the scientific working out of the future "nirvana system" which, unlike all previous political systems on Earth, instead of using "fear" or "money" to force people to work, will motivate people to voluntarily perform hard physical "moral work" by rewarding them with experiences of the otherwise unattainable happiness of the nirvana phenomenon. This explanation "why that 'heart' was burned by my apartment in Borneo" I described in more details in item #A3.1. of the web page Party of Totalizm. That web page explains also in items #A1. to #A4. how Poles with a common effort could democratically introduce in their country this "system of nirvana" already now - if they could manage to cool down from the present frenzy of egoistic turning their backs on God, neighbors and nature, and then started to listen to the proverbial "voices of reason". This is because the rapid introduction of the "nirvana regime" would be a proof of understanding of the fallacy and change of their previous actions, and a way of collectively pleading with God to save Poland and Poles from experiencing the death and despair of the coming annihilation of humanity in the 2030s.

Img.488 The same "heart" shaped UFO landing site as in part "#J4a", only that photographed about half a month later. But because I photographed it already without showing my person on it - the photograph reveals that this landing site actually has a "heart" shape (i.e. a symbol of love), almost identical to the shape of the landing site from "Photo #J3c" above. Notice here that the identical shape of the "heart" of both UFO landing sites shown on these photographs "Fig. #J4ac" and on the previous photograph Img.482 (#J3c), while taken in two islands of the world thousands of kilometers apart from each other, documents for us evidentially a number of truths at once, which the official science does NOT want to investigate, while about which ordinary people do NOT want to know - although these truths significantly affect the fate of life of every inhabitant of the Earth. (E.g. read-about and see-for yourself the scar on your leg shown in Img.613 (#B4) from my web page named UFO - and after careful examination of your own and your loved ones leg, you will find out eye-to-eye that you also have it, and that all your loved ones have it).

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