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Img.048 (from Battle of Milicz - #D1)

Img.048 (#D1): The appearance of the Milicz town hall built in 1851. (This illustration reproduces the illustration "Photo 28" from the page about the town of Milicz.) This drawing shows the front facade of the town hall, facing the Margrave's palace. Visible are the arched doorway of the main entrance to the town hall and the steps at which the Russian emissary was shot by the Germans hiding in this town hall. This town hall was burned down during the battle for Milicz in the final days of World War II. At the time, Milicz was being captured by Major Lagin's Soviet troops, while the Nazis barricaded themselves in the town hall. In the times of my youth the ruins of this town hall were still the most prominent component of the Milicz market square. In turn the underground tunnels which led to this town hall from the fortified castle of Milicz, were still passable even in the times of my high school, i.e. in 1960 to 1964. It was in the vicinity of this town hall that from underground tunnels led entrances to numerous dungeons in which in medieval times people inconvenient to the town authorities were imprisoned or walled up alive.

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