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Img.476 from Parasitism (#1)/ (#B1a) - Immortality

Img.632 from Immortality (#B1b)

Img.633 from Immortality (#B1c)

Img.634 from Immortality (#B1d)

Sequence (#B1abcd) Img.476/ Img.632/ Img.634/ Img.633 Examples of immortal creatures which in past used to appear on the Earth. Typically they were believed to be "gods". But if one analyses carefully their evil behaviours, then would rather qualify them either to the present category of "devils", or to the category of "evil UFOnauts".

Img.476 (#1/#B1a) The Hindu god most frequently called "Murugan". It is also called with other names, e.g. Subramanya. His name means "ever young". Everything in his life confirms his immortality. This God is the second son of god "Siva" - which in Hinduism represents the "god of destruction". A gigantic figure of god Murugan stands at the entrance to so-called "Batu Caves" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photograph "a" shows him in frontal view. As this is explained more comprehensively in item #B6.1. of the web page God - about secular and scientific understanding of God, the religion of Hinduism by many is considered to be the first religion on the Earth, which God disseminated amongst people just after He created the physical world. Thus, this religion does NOT contains yet the separate concepts of God and Satan - understood as separate carriers of good and evil. Therefore all Hindu "gods" in fact were creatures that demonstrated with their actions both, numerous aspects of good, as a significant dose of evilness. For example, in present times the behaviour of the above god Murugan would be described as highly "evil" or "devilish", and thus more appropriate to "evil UFOnauts" who secretly occupy and exploit the Earth, than to "gods".

Img.632 (#B1b) The Hindu god Murugan shown in a back view. In present times he would be rather considered to be an UFOnaut with rather an evil character, than to be a god. After all, he carries a typical equipment of an UFOnaut. For example, along his back clearly visible are two absorption bags for purifying the air with which he breathes. Old descriptions also claim that he never blinked his eyes and that his penis was always erected - so clearly he used a plastic stiffening implant in his penis, similarly as this is done by present UFOnauts. Other information about this "god" is provided in caption under his photograph from the web page Parasitism - about the philosophy of parasitism.

Img.633 (#B1c) A line of figures that represent Buddhist so-called "twelve immortals". According to the Buddhist mythology these "immortals" NOT only that were able to live infinitively long, but also had various "supernatural powers" which induced deadly fear amongst ordinary people. For example, the first in the line of these twelve immortals is the famous "dragon taming Lohan". This is because he was famous from piloting and using a flying "vehicle-beast" which in past was called a "dragon", while presently we would call a "UFO". On this figure he is shown as he sits on the horrifying beast that represents a "dragon". Interestingly, each single one amongst these Buddhist "twelve immortals" had anatomical features which differ from features of typical people, but are similar to features known from sightings of UFOnauts - e.g. prolonged ears similar to that in Buddha. (Notice that anatomic features of UFOnauts which differ from these of people, are illustrated in photographs from the web page Evil - about origins of evil on the Earth.) Also each one of these immortals had a rather nasty character, which presently we would describe with the qualifier "evil". So each one amongst them fits well into the present picture of UFOnauts as evil creatures that secretly occupy and rob the Earth. The explanation why in old times flying vehicles presently called "UFOs" were named "dragons" is provided in item #B3. of the web page UFO activities on the Earth - about evidence of continuous activity of UFOnauts on the Earth.

Img.634 (#B1d) The view of the entrance to the Buddhist temple from the city of Melaka in Malaysia. (The spelling "Melaka" for the name of this city is used in Malaysia. In English this city is spelled "Malacca".) It is in this temple that figures of "twelve immortals" are located. The city Melaka is very old - its written history is known already since 1403, when Parameswara, the Hindu Prince from the Kingdom of Sri Vijaya in Sumatra, chose Melaka for the capitol of his Sultanate. Since around 1490 this city went under influences of Portuguese, who conquered it militarily and turned into their colony already in 1511. Melaka has many similar old Buddhist temples. But only this one contains figures of Buddhist "twelve immortals". Under each figure there is a metal plate which describes his story and supernatural feats. Therefore, when one visits this historic and world-famous city, then it is worth to pop for a while also to the temple shown above.

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