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Img.047 (aus Battle of Milicz - #C2)

Img.047 (#C2): The appearance of the Milicz town square and town hall viewed from a bird's eye view from east to west. (From a German postcard dated 1936, courtesy "Miliczanin-1931".) In the building of the town hall clearly visible are these one-storey public toilets on its eastern side, the low-roofed roof of which the juvenile "defenders" of the town hall tried to use in their attempts to escape during the shelling by Russian cannons - as described in item #C1 above. Thus, the actual existence of these low-roofed toilets, documented by this photo, confirms the truth and correctness of the report from item #C1. (The report from item #C1 was written and published in February 2009, while the above photo was only obtained in May 2010.)

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