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Img.460 from Jan Pająk (#1)

(Sequence of pictures #1_1-12 - Portraits - partially excerpts from the images): Abb.460/ Img.461 (1947)/ Img.095 (1955)/ Img.462 (1958)/ Img.463 (1964)/ Img.464 (1971)/ Img.465 (1976)/ Img.466 (1981)/ Img.467 (1986)/ Img.468 (1991)/ Img.469 (1996)/ Img.470 (2004)/ Img.471.(2015).

Here is how my appearance (i.e. the appearance of Dr. Eng. Jan Pajak) changed with the passage of time. After all, in the world ruled by the omniscient God, in which we live, nothing is the work of mere chance - as so far some professional "luminaries of science" try to tell us. This is because in such a world absolutely everything, including our appearance, is infinitely wisely and predictively designed by God and is the result of the action of a whole range of precise principles, rules and laws. For example, quite a shock turns out to be my discovery that our appearance, and also practically everything that defines the course, quality and attributes of our lives, is governed by the same laws which also govern the behaviors of the so-called "moral field" - i.e. the field precisely described e.g. in items #C4.2. und #C4.2.1. of my web page named Morality, while briefly summarized e.g. in items #B3 and #B4 of another my web page named Pająk for President 2020. (This "moral field", among others, causes that doing whatever is in accordance with moral criteria always requires putting significant effort and effort. In contrast, doing that which violates moral criteria with itself is always easy and pleasant.)

In other words, how we currently look at a given period of our lives, as well as, for example, what surname or name we bear, where we were born and live, who our parents, family, friends, colleagues are, what life events and fates affect us, etc., etc., etc.., are governed by the same moral mechanisms, which, among other things, also cause that in the short-term operation of the "moral field" everything that conforms to the criteria of morality (i.e. everything that is "moral") requires putting our effort and motivation into it, while everything that violates the criteria of morality (i.e. everything that is "immoral") comes to us effortlessly, pleasantly and easily. It is also this resultant of the current appearance of individual people from the operation of precise rules, principles and laws that causes that the appearance of each one of us always also defines how other people are to relate to us, determines our fate, teaches and informs us, reflects our age, character traits, spiritual state, attitude to life, history and mode of life, conditions in which we live, the task that God has assigned to us to complete in our lives, etc. So, above I have compiled photographs of the appearance of my face taken at intervals of several years from each other, which illustrate how the face has changed over time.

(Under each photograph I quoted my approximate age at which it was taken.) These photographs are additionally augmented by illustrations of my appearance shown on the YouTube video which I encourage you to watch below in item #L5.. Thus, in combination with the descriptions from this web page and related pages, the reader probably will be able to trace and experience how the course, goals, and accomplishments of my life, God documented and controlled, among others, with the help of the constantly changing appearance of my face. In turn, after learning from my example the laws and principles governing the relationship between someone's appearance and the life qualities that depend on that appearance, the reader will also be in a better position to later apply the same laws and principles to the appearance and life qualities of other people.

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