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Img.459 from Nirvana (#C7b)

Img.459 (#C7b): Until about 2005, i.e. at a time when I was "forced" to look for a new job every two and a half years on average, the process of applying for a new job took about a year and was done by hand on paper. I, for the purpose of a possible later pre-employment interview, always printed myself a copy of what I sent in as a "new job application." Here is a photo of me taken on the balcony of the apartment I occupied at the time, with a stack of copies of my employment applications that I sent in just one 1996. (Notice that about a year after the above photograph was taken, the experiments with daily many hours of doing physical "moral work" which I undertook at that time, and which pedantically obeyed the commandments and laws of God - as we are now commanded to do by the most moral in the world philosophy of totalizm which I created, were rewarded with the arrival of about 9 months of happiness of earned nirvana, which I experienced until the completion of my professorship on the close to nature tropical Island of Borneo). And it should be remembered that after emigrating from Poland I was employed as many as 9 times in a new and completely different from previous jobs at some university - in order to find and get which jobs, of course, I first had to apply in writing each time until I succeeded. Typically, in turn, finding and getting a job back then in my case required submitting at least hundreds of paper applications to various universities just announcing vacancies (almost all of which, except for one that ended my search for a new job, turned out to be fruitless).

In all those searches for work I was guided by the proverb "Beggars cannot be choosers" - this is why I took up every position offered to me, even if it was the lowest in the hierarchy of a given institution and thus the lowest paid, and then academically performed it as best as I could, building up my academic achievements, experience and life knowledge by performing it. In spite of this, I was still unemployed and without the right to receive unemployment benefits for about 9 of those years - i.e. living solely on my rapidly melting prior savings. This is the reason why I am fighting hard for the implementation of the "nirvana regime" described here. - because I know that it will certainly, among other things, also save millions of people from going through life experiences similar to mine.

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