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Img.458 from Newzealand visit (#L1)

Img.458 (#L1): Here is one sculpture of a race of mysterious beings with mischievous characters, 3+1 fingered hands and feet, perpetually erect penises, and "sex maniac" habits. Although Maori tradition is laconic about the female version of these creatures, we know from the foclore of other nations that this race also had shapely females (such as the one shown in Abb.381 (#G2) from the web page Malbork) who also exhibited habits of "nymphomaniacs." (E.g. traditions of warriors from the tropical jungles of Borneo state that after becoming horny, these females had a habit of biting off the testicles of an earthly man whom they caught somewhere in the jungle in order to rape him). These creatures belonged to the same race as the Maori idol "Uenuku" described in item #D1. of the web page Newzealand visit. In olden times they governed practically every aspect of life of ancient Maoris. Maoris consider them to be their "spiritual ancestors" - as described in item #D1.

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