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Img.457 from Newzealand (#J1)

Img.457 (#J1): Giant hole in the Earth formed industrially. Photographed from an altitude of about 10 km on July 14, 2008. To appreciate its enormity it is enough to compare its size to that of the white factory halls visible near its edge. The hole is located in northwest Queensland, Australia. When the industrial extraction of the mineral is completed at this location, this hole will still remain there. After all, it is too large to be filled in. In turn, its existence will introduce a wide variety of dangers. For example, it will be a giant trap for animals and for people. It will attract criminals and criminal activity. It will introduce a so-called "notch" into the Earth's crust, from which, over time, the fault line may begin to grow (that is, a growing crack in the crust which will become the beginning of earthquakes). It will already be disfiguring its surroundings forever. Local authorities will have endless trouble and tribulation with it, as they will not know what to do with it and how to secure it. Itd., etc.

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