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Img.456 from Newzealand visit (#D1)

Img.456 (#D1): Is it possible that the bas-relief from "Te Papa" shown in the above photo represents a repetitively copied until our times carved report of the mass rape of all female inhabitants of a Maori village by all-powerful, hostile to people and scurrilous beings of the 3+1 fingered race? (I.e., by "Uenuku" and his strain?) After all, the beings of this scurrilous race, which in Maori Hawaiki was represented by the all-powerful and fiendishly malevolent "Uenuku," were sent to earth for demonstrating to people "what evil is" and "how evil works." Meanwhile, it is hard to find a more illustrative, longer-lasting and less fatal type of evil for the sufferers than the public and collective rape of all the earthly women living in a given village, carried out by the all-powerful albeit scurrilous beings in front of the fathers, husbands, brothers and sons of these women.

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