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Img.448 from Newzealand (#G5)/ (#7) - Tapanui

Img.448 (#G5): Here is one of the scientifically most irrefutable pieces of evidence supporting the fact that the Tapanui crater was created by the explosion of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. This is a fragment of a spacecraft or its equipment, torn to pieces by the force of a powerful explosion, mixed with local sand, compressed by a magnetic explosion, melted, and magnetized (from the author's private collection). This shrapnel contains, among other things, sizable pieces (large grains) of pure aluminum. In turn, as everyone knows, aluminum does NOT occur in nature in a pure state. Moreover, it also contains iron which is still strongly magnetized. This, in turn, contradicts that this shard was magnetized even before melting. For, as is known, molten iron loses its magnetization. The shard was found near the Tapanui crater. In the past, similar shards were found near the Tapanui crater quite a lot. By today, however, almost all of them have been collected, while they are now gathering dust in private collections - while the world has no idea of their existence.

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