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Img.441 from Newzealand (#E5)/ (#A2.12a) - Totalizm

Img.441 (#E5): Independently of me, i.e. Dr. Jan Pajak, the above photo also shows, among other things, two muscular black dogs that belong to the breed called "rottweiler".

(For a closer look at this photo, click on it.) The person in the blue jumpsuit who is holding one of these dogs on a leash is me - Dr. Jan Pająk. The other person is the owner of these dogs. The black chupacabra ("black panther") that attacked me and almost killed me when I was 17 years old just had the muscular physique and size of a dog of this particular breed, although its external shape differed significantly from that dog. Note, however, that the dog of this athletic breed I never saw in Poland, while for the first time in my life I saw it only after emigrating to New Zealand. More data about the appearance of the strange monster which attacked me and almost killed me when I was a 17-year-old boy, is contained in subsection R4.2. from volume 15 of the newest monograph [1/5]).

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