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Img.044 (aus Battle of Milicz - #A1)

Img.044: (#A1): To people equipped by God in the organ of "conscience" applies the principle of the "survival of most moral" - described in detail in item #B1. of the web page named Changelings, while briefly discussed also in items #E3. and #I2. on web page Battle of Milicz. The principle of "survival of the most moral" was discovered only in 2012 by the new "totaliztic science". For people it performs the same function as Darwin's principle of "survival of the fittest" - which, however, applies only to the world of conscienceless wild animals, only that the old and incompetent "atheistic orthodox science" erroneously extrapolated it also to people. Because of the work of this principle of "survival of the most moral", all wars are always won by the most moral side, while lost by the most immoral side (means typically lost by aggressors who attacked someone who wished to live in peace) - for more details see item #C5.2. on the web page named Morality. However, in order to fulfill the so-called "canon of ambiguity" - always used by God to avoid depriving people of their so-called "free will" (this "canon of ambiguity" is described, among others, in item #C2. of the web page named Free will), the omniscient and just God always so controls the course of every war, that depending on human views its victory or defeat can be explained in a whole range of different ways - as this is explained in more detail, among others, in item #C2. on the totaliztic web page named Tornado. Thus, of course, the old, careless and incompetent "atheistic orthodox science" explains these results of wars in "its" atheistic and erroneous way - i.e. as the result of the action of Darwin's principle of "survival of the fittest". But because until the time of the creation of the new "totaliztic science", that old "atheistic orthodox science" held an absolute "monopole for knowledge", previously no-one questioned the nonsense which it told to naive people and immoral politicians - for more details see item #C1. of the totaliztic web page named Telekinetics.

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