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Img.437 from Newzealand (#D2)

Img.437(#D2): Here is the chapel tower at the high school from the town of Oamaru, New Zealand. The photograph was taken in February 2008. This tower has the characteristic that, for visitors who have come to Oamaru from outside the areas covered by Oamaru's recurring local time fluctuations, this tower sometimes changes its configuration in relation to the chapel at which it is located. For example, one time it is adjacent to this chapel, or is partially built into it - as in the above photo, while another time it stands alone and completely separate at a distance of several meters from the wall of this chapel. What is more interesting, at the moment when this tower changes its position in relation to the chapel, e.g. from the previous position several meters to the south from the main building of this chapel (i.e. from the situation when this tower stands alone, completely NOT connected with the chapel by any wall or by a passage with a roof, and simultaneously when it is more than above distant from the lens of the camera with which I took the above photograph), into the position shown above (i.e. when it is clearly visible as partially embedded in the chapel building itself), then also the above photograph and this description-signature of it, also automatically and without my participation changes in a way that harmonizes with the new position of this tower. I personally have already noted the occurrence of such a change. The only thing that will NOT change is our memory of the situation of this tower - but only if we are far from Oamaru at the time of the time fluctuation.

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