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Img.436 from Newzealand (#D1b)

Img.436(#D1b): When in NZ one listens to local legends about giants-ludoids living there until the 18th century with the height conservatively estimated at reaching around 8 meters, or when one reads the verse 13 quoted in item #I2 below: 33 from the "Book of Numbers" in the Bible - explaining that the height of us humans had as much to do with the height of ancient giants as the size of a single locust (or also the size of every larger of the well-known "grasshoppers" to which locusts are similar in Poland) has to do with the size of a human being, it is usually difficult to imagine how huge and scary these ancient giants-ludoids actually were. Only when one visually sees the enormity of an authentic giant's skull as illustrated in the 8 occasions when giant human skeletons were found resp. in YouTube (#I2a) from the website Newzealand too, or sees the above giant's hand easily accommodating an adult woman in a handful, then the enormity and terribleness of these creatures begins to reach our awareness, and their height can even be roughly calculated from simple numerical proportions (e.g. I suggest that the reader calculate for himself the height of the giant from "Film #I2a" from the ratio of the size of his skull to the size of the 4 unfortunate inhabitants of Pitcairn Island transporting this skull).

It was during my professorship in Kuching on the tropical island of Borneo, when I saw a local sculpture of a "giant's hand" located there. I.e. this "hand" strangely enough was located in the same city of Kuching, in which I experienced the extraordinary phenomenon of totaliztically earned nirvana lasting continuously for as long as 9 months - which later became the basis for the development of the political "nirvana system", which system, hopefully, will soon be implemented in order to eliminate from the use of immensely harmful for the humanity "money" which is the primary source of most of the evil currently afflicting the inhabitants of Earth. The size of this "giant's hand" from Kuching indicated that the being who would possess it would have just the body of this NZ giant called Birdwoman (in English "Birdwoman", in Maori "Kurangaituku"). After all, many times heard after my emigration to NZ, stories of previous generations of people living in there claimed that this giantess had so thick fingers, that she was unable to slide any of them into the hole of the stone shown above in Img.427 (#D1) in order to "pluck" from this hole a boy named "Hatupatu" hiding in there from her, whose presence in this stone her sense of smell told her, but the plucking and devouring of which was prevented just by the thickness of her fingers.

So I asked an acquaintance to volunteer as a model and, posing on this hand, to embellish its artistic value, and at the same time to realize the enormity of having such a giant-human hand. This is how the above my "hobby-artistic" photo was created - in which, however, I did NOT note at the time that, as an amateur-photographer, I accidentally "cut out" the feet of this model from the photo, which significantly diminishes its artistic appeal. However, in my opinion the photograph still illustrates relatively well that today there are concrete historical data which allow to precisely measure or at least roughly estimate the thickness of the toes (and thus also the approximate height and weight) of the man-eating giantess from the Northern Island of NZ, in English called "The Birdwoman" while in Maori language described as "Kurangaituku Te Tipua" (while in another folk tale described below in item #I2. from the website Newzealand she is called still differently - as "Hine-nui-o-Te-Po"). After all, until today there survives an opening in the stone in which a skinny boy named "Hatupatu" managed to take shelter and survive an attempt to be "gouged out" with the thick fingers of a giant woman, and then eaten. Thus, this hole can be accurately measured, or roughly estimated its dimensions from my photograph Img.427 (#D1) (after all, standing there by the stone provides a "standard" height of 164 cm - i.e. my height).

In turn, the report of the "Hatupatu" from the encounter with this giantess, later repeated by a number of generations of his tribesmen and surviving until the present day, makes sure that the hole in this stone was smaller than the thickness of the giantess' fingers. In turn, these data, in my opinion, allow to estimate that this lone giantess from the North Island of NZ was even taller and more powerful than the male giants "Te Kahui Tipua" from the South Island of NZ described in item #I2 below - the height of which was reported as reaching around 8 meters. Furthermore, the above photograph illustrates also why NZ folklore claimed that these giants were biting off people's heads with a single clack of their huge jaws, and then "crunched" these heads as we crunch nuts.

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