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Img.435 from Newzealand (#D1)

Img.435 (#D1): Here is me, i.e. Prof. Dr. Eng. Jan Pajak, and courtesy Prof. Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk, at the "walking" stone from Atiamuri named "Te Kohatu-O-Hatupatu" (i.e. "Stone-Protecting-Hatupatu"). (I took the above photograph of it around 1990.) This stone apparently has the supernatural ability to perform intelligent walking. Unfortunately, it lies right at the edge of a fairly busy highway. It introduces a significant risk to traffic on this highway, as cars occasionally crash on it and people are killed. However, it cannot be destroyed or completely removed, as it is a "sacred stone" and an object of worship for the local Maori people. It performs many miracles for them, similarly as in Petone where I live miracles are performed near the "Celtic cross" described in #J3. of the web page Petone, and also similarly as this is done by sacred trees and stones called Datuk from Malaysia (also described and shown in part #D from the web page Malbork), totem poles from Borneo and wooden "guardians" of Korean villages (described and shown in Img.378 (#D2) and Img.379/ Img.380 (#D3ab) from the web page Malbork), or used to do also the sinister post-Triangular statue of Mary from Malbork. Therefore, from time to time repeated attempts are made to move this stone to a place a little farther from the highway.

However, according to local folklore, after each such relocation, the stone has a habit of taking a stroll, returning to its old place. When I examined this stone around 1990, it emitted some strange radiation that was registerable on photographic film. It also showed considerable magnetization which was strong enough to be detected with an ordinary compass.

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