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Img.042 (aus Bible - #1c)/ (#10) - Tapanui

Img.042 (#1c): Here is a photo of the famous Christian basilica called "Aya Sophia", which means "Holy Wisdom", or more precisely, this is a photo of the author of this page (Dr. Eng. Jan Pajak) which he took of himself against the background of this basilica in 1993 while holding a professorship in nearby Cyprus. This oldest of the basilicas (i.e. sacred buildings of Christianity) still standing and in use today stands in today's Istanbul, Turkey. However, when it was built Istanbul was called "Novo Roma" and in Byzantine times it was renamed Constantinople. It was put into operation in 537. The most intriguing feature of Aya Sophia is that it archtectonically tries to reflect the four most important habitats of intelligence in the "Tinker of God" described in detail in items #K1 and #K2 of the web page named god_exists.htm. This is because these habitats are four domes which exist on the body of the "Speck of God" and which contain four "processors" and twelve "memories" with the help of which the entire process of thinking of this speck is carried out, and which allow God to act like a modern "multi-processor super-computer" capable of carrying out countless actions simultaneously. The most important of these four domes, protecting the processor and the three memories with the programs of God Himself contained in them, is that huge dome visible as it crowns the top of the entire "Aya Sophia" basilica. In turn, the top of one of the three existing smaller lower domes in this basilica, which in the "God's Tinker" contain 3 processors and further 9 memories governing the "physical world", "living beings", and the "counter-world", is visible just above my left ear from the above photo. Notice that the appearance of all these 4 domes (i.e. the seats of intelligence, self-consciousness, and transforming power of each "God-Drop") explained in the above items #K1. and #K2. of the web page named God exists, was later repeated in the roof domes of many of the most significant buildings of our planet, for example, in the three domes from the roof of St. Peter's Basilica. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican (i.e., the seat of the Pope in Rome), in the single dome of the U.S. Senate building in Washington, or in the three domes from the roof of the Swiss Parliament building.
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