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Img.414 from Milicz (#D23a)

Img.415 from Milicz (#D23b)

Sequence (#D23ab): Abb.414/ Abb.415 A wooden church in Trzebicko near Milicz. I took this photograph in 1980, i.e. before I left Poland. At present, this church looks different, because it has recently undergone a major reconstruction. It was this church that UFOnauts (formerly called "devils") wanted to destroy, as described in the old legend about the "devil stone" from nearby Zemanow - on which a trace of the devil's clawed paw was supposed to remain melted. (A photograph of this "devil stone" from Zemanov is shown in Figure "Fig. K1" from the English-language monograph [1e].) The first historically documented mention of this church is dated 1571. However, it is said that the construction of this church was started back in the 15th century without the use of even a single nail. In the days of my youth, there were still graves around this church with tombstones dating back to the 16th century (in 2004 the tombstones were no longer there). There were especially many of them from the time of the plague that hit Trzebicko in the second half of the 16th century. Also, the basement of this church, which I visited in the days of my youth, was full of coffins and corpses from the time of that plague. On the subject of the astonishing events connected with the non-decaying i.e. "indestructible" corpse of a beautiful young woman, which I then saw in an open coffin from that underground of the Trzebicko church - the circumstances of the sighting of which I describe below already in the next paragraph, I explain a bit more in item #J2. of my web page named Malbork.

Abb.415 (#D23b) The illustration shows the new wooden church from Trzebicko, which I photographed in 2004 - shortly after it was built on the site of the old church shown above in Img.414 (#D23a) (i.e. in "Fig. K1(b)" from my English-language monograph [1e]). To the underground of this new church from Trzebicko I did NOT manage to enter any more (when I was there, the church was closed). So I do NOT know anymore, whether still in these undergrounds there is that open coffin with self-embalmed corpses of a young, beautiful woman, the connection of which with my fate I described in item #J2 of my web page named malbork.htm.

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