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Img.413 from Milicz (#D22)

Img.413 (#D22): The illustration "Fig. #D22" shows a stone which in 2004 could be seen buried under a cross in front of this church of St. Anna in Karlow near Milicz. Is this same stone, this famous "angel stone", or a fragment of this "angel stone", which from time immemorial lay around 50 meters to the west of this church? It would be good for someone to clarify this matter clearly. If, in fact, this is the former "angelic" stone from Karlow, it would also be good for this fact to be described on some kind of plaque placed near it. The last time I saw the "angel" stone from Karlow was in 1981. As I remember, there were several technological-looking, quite distinctive pits melted on its surface. Some of them looked like punctures with a round stick. In addition, that stone was more aged than the one shown in the above photo, while its surface was smoothed, aerodynamic, worn by time and gray. Thus, in appearance, the stone above does NOT resemble it at all (although it is similar in size). After all, the surface of the stone above is sharp and colorful, as if it had just been broken out of the quarries. The stone from Karlow used to be called "angelic", because folklore often observed UFOnauts manipulating something with it. In turn, in old times, depending on whether they looked handsome or scarlet, present-day UFOnauts were taken either as "angels" or as "devils". (In fact, however, UFOnauts with the appearance of "angels" also have the philosophy and intentions of "devils". Thus, in the old understanding of the word, all UFOnauts are "devils", while all the stones in which their navigation devices are located are "devil stones". For more data on evil UFOnauts occupying and plundering our "mother Earth", see the web page UFO).

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