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Img.411 from Milicz (#D21a)

Img.412 from Milicz (#D21b)

(Sequence #D21ab): Abb.411/ Abb.412 A close-up of the so-called "devil stone" from Emilcin near Opole Lubelskie. Photographed in 1982. Notice the numerous reflections of membranous hands of UFOnauts and their tiny feet smeared on the surface of this stone (in the past these reflections were called "devil's hoof marks"). Notice that also the "angel stone" from under the church of St. Anna in Karlow near Milicz was similar in size and shape and had similar reflections. The above stone has a hugely unusual history. It was at this stone that a farmer, the late Jan Wolski, on May 10, 1978, caught two tiny UFOnauts looking like "devils" as they tampered with something on it. (The facial features of these devilish-looking UFOnauts, as well as the appearance of their UFO vehicle, are shown in Img.152 from monograph [1/5]. In turn, the report from the course of this extraterrestrial encounter is presented in subsection Q1. from volume 14 of monograph [1/5].) This catching of UFOnauts with it caused that the stone became immensely famous, while UFO researchers began to check whether it contained some UFO navigation devices hidden inside. After actually detecting that the stone emits regular pulses of some kind of radiation, which can even be registered on ordinary photographic film, the stone suddenly disappeared. Thus, among researchers aware of its sudden disappearance, rumors began to spread that the stone had been secretly taken from Earth by UFOnauts, because UFOnauts did not want it to be subjected to human study. In order to silence these rumors, someone anonymously sent me the photo shown in Img.412 (#D21b). The hidden purpose of taking and sending me this photograph from Img.412 (#D21b), was to clearly suggest that this stone was not taken into space at all by UFOs to make it impossible for people to study it, but only "stolen" from Emilcin by a group of some fanatics from Warsaw, who, after stealing it, hid it under an unknown viaduct in Warsaw. But whether this was really the case - check the considerations cited under the Img.412 (#D21b).

All "devil stones", including the one from the above photo, are characterized by technological marks which are melted on them. On the above stone from Emilcin, these marks take the form of melted child-like feet and membranous hands/gloves of UFOnauts. Examination of these stones shows that they emit strange radiation that leaves stains on the photographic film laid on them. (These stains are illustrated in Fig. K3(c) from English-language monograph [1e].) In addition, the geographic distribution of these stones is arranged on the map as a regular grid - this is the origin of my former hypothesis that "devilish stones are navigation points for UFO veggies" (i.e. like a devilish equivalent for today's so-called "GPS").

By the church of St. Anne in Karlow near Milicz was located just one such stone. Perhaps it is the one shown on the photograph Img.413 (#D22). This stone was the source of numerous sightings of "supernatural beings" (means UFOnauts), which often took place near this church.

In turn, as many as 5 descriptions and shots of the devil's paw prints etched in stones or floors from a number of countries in the world other than Poland are discussed and illustrated in an English-language approximately 10-minute video titled "5 Signs Left by the DEVIL On Earth" disseminated from the Internet address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luh1RGJwlnA.

Abb.412 (#D21b) Photo of the devil stone from Emilcin taken at its initial hiding place near Warsaw.
The photograph from the above illustration is significant and unusual. This is because its attributes and the circumstances of its taking suggest that it was most likely taken by UFOnauts themselves, from the deck of a UFO vehicle hovering in the air and remaining invisible to the people photographed below. (Interestingly, the only person who in the above photograph behaves as if he or she is aware of the fact that he or she is being photographed, shows possession of all anatomical details that are characteristic of a typical UFOnaut).
This photograph was sent to me anonymously soon after, after the mysterious disappearance of this stone from Emilcin, rumors began to spread among UFO researchers in Poland that this stone was intentionally taken from Emilcin by UFOs, in order to make it impossible for people to investigate the navigation devices of UFOnauts hidden inside of it. One can guess that the intention of the person sending me this photograph, together with a note explaining what it shows, was to clearly document that the stone from Emilcin disappeared NOT because it was removed by a UFO to make it impossible for people to study it, but because a group of some fanatics from Warsaw simply stole it from there. However, even if one accepts this suggestion that the stone was in fact stolen from Emilcin by some fanatics and not by UFOnauts, this still does not explain the motivation why it was removed by them from a place where it was accessible to every researcher and could be easily experimented on there, and then hidden in some unknown place where no one is able to do any research on it. Moreover, one should also remember that UFOnauts are able to hypnotize people and order them under hypnosis to perform certain tasks. So even if this stone was stolen from Emilcin by people, this does not eliminate at all the possibility that its stealing was hypnotically ordered to these people by UFOnauts. (From research to date it is also known, that when UFOnauts destroy some evidence of their activities on Earth, then they always do it in such a manner, that the blame for this destruction falls on people - for details see subsection VB4.1.3 from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4]). It is known that this "devil stone" from Emilcin was a pre-war monument of nature (included in the pre-war register of "devil stones", "angel stones", and "God's feet" from the area of Poland). Thus, its possible stealing from Emilcin and hiding from people under the viaduct in Warsaw not only favors UFOnauts by preventing its further study, but additionally is a blatant vandalism of the famous natural monument. If it were in my power, I would find the people guilty of its disappearance from Emilcin, and order them to bring the stone out of hiding and return it to Emilcin to its previous location, so that it could be easily found there by interested people and subjected to further scientific research.

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