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Img.410 from Milicz (#D17)

Img.410 (#D17): Shot in the center of the lowest part of this photo is (unfortunately, not very visible here) the so-called "confession" from Gniezno Cathedral. It was photographed in July 2004. In very important Christian churches, such a "confession" imitates the center propeller of a UFO. In Poland, the cathedral in Gniezno (shown in the above photo), and the cathedral in Cracow have it. Probably the "confession" is also in the baroque church from Swieta Lipka - as suggested by my unusual, if not miraculous, experience in Warsaw with a "confession" that does not exist there (described in item #E3. of the web page named Malbork, in item #D6.1. of the web page named Timevehicle, while summarized in item #J3. of the web page named Hurricanes). For sure, the confession is also present in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome - because I saw it in there in person (although I did NOT know then yet about this probability that the "confession" in fact can be a still working "artifact" of the ancient prototype of the "telepathic telephone" - described, among others, in items #D1. to #D4. of the web page named Artefacts.

These mysterious "kofesia" structures can be found in the most central part of every important ancient church building, usually under their central dome. These structures usually consist of rectangular objects of white marble, surrounded by four twisted columns which support a sparkling gold canopy - similar to a kind of concave "voice mirror." In church nomenclature, these structures are called confessions - which word means "grave of the worshipper." From today's UFO research, however, we know that these entire structures actually mimic the structure and appearance of a UFO's main propulsor. As also explained in items #D1 to #D4 of the web page named artefact.htm, "confessions" probably also imitate the operation of the UFO main propulsor as a kind of interstellar "telepathic telephone" - perhaps they are even artifacts which are still able to realize this operation. In turn, this rectangular object made of white marble and placed in the center of these structures, imitates a device called an "oscillation chamber", which is the source of the powerful magnetic field in every UFO propulsor. Bodies of saints are usually placed near these "confessions" in Earth churches. This in turn imitates the "storerooms" or "repositories" of human corpses, which are always located in the central cylinders of UFOs of a large type, right next to the oscillation chamber of their main propulsor (for details see subsection P6.1. in monograph [1/5]). The reason for storing human corpses in UFOs in this way is that the magnetic field from the UFO's main propulsor prevents these corpses from spoiling.

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