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Img.409 from Milicz (#D16)

Img.409 (#D16): A very expressive circular UFO landing site visible on the grass in front of the barracks for newly arrived prisoners at the Stutthof concentration camp from northern Poland. Compare the above UFO landing site, with another UFO landing site also originating from the Stutthof concentration camp, and shown in Photo #D14 above. Such a landing site is created when the spinning magnetic field produced for propulsion purposes by the thrusters placed around the periphery of the discoidal UFO, scorches the grass causing it to change color. The reason why only a fragment of the circle of discolored grass is visible, and not a full circle, is that UFOs as a rule fly with their floor perpendicular to the lines of force of the Earth's local magnetic field. Thus, a discoidal UFO usually flies inclined with respect to the flat earth, while the magnetic field from only a portion of its thrusters located on the vehicle's periphery reaches the ground and causes the scorching visible in the photo.

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