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Img.408 from Milicz (#D15)

Img.408 (#D15): This is how a griffin was described roaming in New Zealand. It was described as a black panther - see the website Newzealand for details. As a kind of "creature similar to a large black cat" was also described a griffin seen in the English town of Bodmin Moor in 1994 to 1996, and widely later disseminated around the world in a famous TV commercial for "Visa" credit cards. In fact, however, I remember him as looking like a small black lion. Just such a monster-mascot of UFOnauts attacked me on the road from Guzowice to Nowy Dwór (i.e. west from Cieszkow, about 10 km north from Milicz). The description of this attack of the griffin is contained in subsection R4.2. from volume 15 of monograph [1/5].

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