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Img.407 from Milicz (#D14)

Img.407 (#D14): One of the numerous UFO landing sites that cover the area of the "Stutthof" concentration camp. This landing site is an almost complete circle of telekinetically blackened grass, within which the hats of small mushrooms are visible. This circle can be seen in the lower half of the above photo. Seeing this UFO landing site, it is worth asking ourselves what UFOnauts are so interested in there. Well, according to German folklore, UFOnauts were Hitler's personal advisors. For this reason, UFOnauts to this day take a huge interest in everything Hitler did, including Hitler's concentration camps. The above photo shows one of the many circular UFO landings that I discovered and photographed on the grass of Hitler's Stutthof concentration camp from northern Poland on July 29, 2004. Another photo of a UFO landing site from that camp is shown below in Img.409 (#D16).

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