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Img.405 from Milicz (#D12)

Img.405 (#D12): The key components of any concentration camp, i.e.: the railroad siding by which prisoners were transported, the gas chamber, and the several-meter-long path that led from the gas chamber to the crematorium. They stood at the end of the life path for millions of prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. The above gas chamber was photographed in June 2004 at the "Stutthof" concentration camp located in northern Poland. In spite of its size smaller than bathrooms in some homes today, it worked almost continuously, killing hundreds of thousands of inmates of this mass extermination camp. The ruins of a similar gas chamber, as well as a similar concentration camp, still survive today in the woods near Sulow (about 8 km west of Milicz). Wrapping up the ocean of human tragedy that these camps served to our civilization one wants to shout: never again! Unfortunately, human memory is so short.

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