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Img.040 (from Bandits - #I1)

Img.040 Here is an old church painting immortalizing UFOnauts supervising the crucifixion of Jesus. Few of us realize that UFOnauts persecute all creative people and all progressive ideas on Earth. So by their very nature, UFOnauts also persecuted Jesus and his groundbreaking ideas. Only that in the Bible they are described under the name "Satan" - under which they were known in the time of Jesus. It was they who caused the crucifixion of Jesus with their methods of telepathically stimulating the hysteria of the crowd and post-hypnotic orders. They were also the ones who later tried to squash the ideas spread by Jesus. However, in the case of these ideas, they failed. For the obstacles they erected were overcome, while Christianity, in spite of their fierce attacks, nevertheless managed to spread across the Earth.

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