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Img.004 (from Aliens - #C5)

A whole gang of UFOnauts who raided the apartment of the person photographed here.
Independently from the beautiful person photographed in her room, the above photograph also captured a whole bunch of UFOnauts hiding from the sight of people in the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering". The outlines of these UFOnauts are betrayed by the very subtle so-called "extraction glow" which is emitted on the surfaces of objects carrying out telekinetic displacements, and which the photographic camera managed to capture. On the photograph one can distinguish the outlines of at least 3 UFOnauts invisible to human eyes. The most visible one of them, standing near the left edge of the photo, is a colossus. He clearly belongs to the race of giants. The normal height person in the photo does not even reach his shoulders. (From the reports of people abducted to UFOs, it appears that this race of UFOnauts is about 2.5 meters tall.) Just in front of this giant stands another giant. In turn, the head and face of another UFOnaut is visible above the lower left corner of the photo. It is worth noting that its position so close to the floor proves that the body of this UFOnaut partially emerges from under the floor. This in turn confirms the stories of old people that "devils" can emerge from under the ground or from under the floor. (A sculpture of just such a devil emerging from under the ground can be found in the church in Rabczyce in Slovakia, i.e. at the foot of Babia Góra - see also Img.002 (#G3) from this web page. A photograph of this sculpture is shown in Figure C4 in the Polish-language treatise [4b].)
The person living in this room claimed that something "scares" in it. Meanwhile, this "scaring" is simply UFOnauts who for some reason are particularly interested in this person. (Probably they exploit her from her biological resources.) Their intentions apparently are highly "impure" since they so carefully hide from people their raids on this apartment.
Independently of UFOnauts, this photo also managed to capture a miniature computer-controlled "UFO probe", which also moves in a state of telekinetic flickering, leaving on the photo a kind of three-segment like "chain" formed from the so-called "absorption glow" it emits (see near the left arm of the photographed individual). Such miniature probes are known in UFO literature as "rods" (i.e. "sticks"). Their more detailed description is contained in subsections U3.1.2 and F5.4 from volumes 15 and 3, respectively, of monograph [1/4]. It is almost a rule that if a given apartment is visited by an invisible UFOnaut, he will always be accompanied by several such miniature "rods".
Thus, if one photographs an UFOnaut, then on this photograph it is also worth looking around for the accompanying "rods". The reverse situation, however, is not always true. This is because these miniature UFO probes can be sent where UFOnauts do not want or do not have time to fly themselves. Therefore, if such "rods" are photographed, then this does not at all mean that there must be an invisible UFOnaut nearby. A detailed description of these miniature disc-shaped UFO probes (by Western UFO researchers, depending on the side from which they were photographed, called either "rods" - when photographed from the side, or "orbs" - when they were photographed along their central axis) is contained in subsections U3.1.2 and F4.7 from volumes 15 and 3 of monograph [1/4], respectively.
In turn, their clearer photographs with a slightly more extensive description are shown on the page Earth avalanches, and also in item U18 of a separate web page interpreting photographs of UFO vehicles. Finally, a verbal description of the sighting of just such a UFO probe - which I saw as a teenager, is given in subsection D1 of treatise [4b].
The above photo was sent to me, along with permission to post it online, by a reader signing himself "Krzysiek" (Email: adunwad@poczta.onet.pl). I received this photo a few years before the founding of this website, that is, even before 2005. That is, it was taken still in the times before the widespread access of young people in Poland to digital cameras and to software allowing easy fabrication of photos. Thus, if for this photograph a logical analysis similar to the one described in Img.005 (#D1) is carried out, then its intentional fabrication can be eliminated from consideration. Of the other two possibilities, i.e. that it is authentic or that it was created through an accidental superimposition of two images, the superimposition of images is unlikely, because the photo does NOT show the presence of features of such superimposition. Hence, it is highly probable that this photo actually presents an authentic registration of the presence of some invisible supernatural beings (UFOnauts).

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